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Bri N
Mom of 2
Ab Rehab
Slim Down

I love the BREC App

Knowing I have a community available, especially at such an affordable cost, makes a world of difference for me. My family & friends may be happy for me if I see improvements but they just aren't the same level of enthusiasm & interest invested into my journey the way the NAF and BREC team are, & that means a lot to me to have you in my life

Kara B
Boy Mom

Missed My Son

My son has been doing really well with his behavior ever since we started sleep training. …. But now that he's getting a couple hours, a few hours every day of one on one time…And I'm thankful for this sleep training journey because I have missed my son. I have missed him so much.

Sara L
Slim Down

No More IBS, More Energy, Great Mood, Libido has Improved

I’m on my last week of the Sliim Down and it is incredible how good I feel!

-No more IBS
-No more stomach cramping and bloating

-Labido is improved
-Period is improved
-Mood is improved

-ENERGY is high! And during a season of life that I should be drained and exhausted in.

-All my clothes fit loose and I fit in my “hot girl” bikini again

To those in it or starting, DO IT, ITS WORTH IT!!

Jill P
Mom of 3
Ab Rehab

No more leaking, cramps or back pain!

Almost 3 weeks in the program and I just have to share how much I LOVE it! I can literally SEE the difference and I just feel soooo much better. The other day I slipped and fell on ice, but I didn't gush out leakage or get severely hurt, I can FEEL my low TVAs when they were literally NON existent before. My back pain is dissolving. The most exciting part, today is the first day of my period.... I HAVENT HAD ANY CRAMPS AND MY DIVA CUP IS IN PLACE WITHOUT PAIN, PRESSURE, OR PUSHING OUT.

Zoe L
Ab Rehab


I am so excited about how far I have come, even six years after having my last baby. Your program is legitimate and I’ll always be grateful that I got some abs back… me back really and am not stopping here. My future dating life thanks you - they won’t believe I’m a 40 year old single mom with six humans. Got my abs back! 

Lucia P
GF DF for Life
Slim Down

Easy to Follow

Just want to say I am super happy with how I have been feeling each day! I have already been GF DF for years so the plan has been simple, and having new meal ideas is fun. I love whole food and getting really creative with meals but I equally love not having to think about what I will eat next, it’s been a nice little brain break to just follow the challenge! Also love reading everyone’s comments! Thank you for the commitment guys!

Carey M
Mom of 3
Slim Down

High Energy

I'm down 5 lbs and my energy has definitely increased. Enough that I've been taking all three boys for a walk or to the lake every day! I was also having symptoms of inflammation and those are gone!

Amber G
Healthy Mama
Slim Down

31 pounds down!!!!

This is a fact! I did the program in January, lost 16lbs and felt so much better. I still use aspects of it today and lost an additional 15lbs throughout the year. I’ll be doing it again at the end of the month since I’m almost to my goal!

Katie W
Not a Mom Yet!
Slim Down

10 lbs in 4 weeks!

FACTS!!! I feel so much better after the 30 day slim down! Lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks!I was have horrible breast pain (went to doctors & they said it was hormonal) I did the 30 day slim down and IT IS GONE!!! My fiancé and I have committed to eating the way @nancyandersonfit taught me! Thank you so much Nancy!!

Becky C
Girl Mom
Slim Down

6 lbs Down 12 days in!

I am amazed on how doable the SD is. I am on day 12 and down 6lbs. I cant believe it! Not to mention this is just from eating. Its difficult for me to do at home workouts and its been awfully hot heatwave in OC so my daily walks haven’t been happening for majority of this SD.The feeling of needing to constantly unzip my pants from every meal from extreme bloat is gone. Thank you Nancy!!!

Taylor S
Member Since 2021
Slim Down

Love the Recipes

I’ve been able to provide flavorful meals that are healthy and don’t contain yucky ingredients to two different families who have a lot of food allergies recently. It feels so good to be able to support my community in that way.I’ve always avoided making meals for others who have a lot of allergies because I didn’t have confidence to make “clean” food that still tasted amazing. So I guess the base of the “non scale victory” is that I’m feeling more confident in my cooking abilities- which isn’t something I’ve felt good about ever. Thank you so much!!!

Jackie L
Ab Rehab
Slim Down

10 lbs down!

Overall I had lost about 10 pounds! I’m feeling very good and I’m excited to keep it moving forward! Also on day 40 of ab rehab so the combo has been awesome!

Nancy G
Mama of 2
Slim Down

Slim Down Love

It’s been great! I’m still trying to ease up on caffeine, but still noticing a huge difference in how I feel no bloat, less belly bulging and clothes fitting well.

Sara J
Not a Mom yet!
Slim Down

Clear Skin

My scale hasn’t moved much, But I see a noticeable difference in my face! And also my stomach. I feel less “puffy”. I’ve quit drinking diet pop and don’t miss it!

Britt L
Member Since 2022
Slim Down

No more Dairy!

Tomorrow will be 1 week and I have lost 4lbs! I feel so good and less bloated/uncomfortable (I think dairy might be out of my life for good now). I feel more energetic even with drinking less coffee. So grateful for this program!

Alexa D
Slim Down

A Great Meal Plan

Did a workout this morning and it’s the best one I’ve done in a year (since being preggo and post partum). I feel so strong and going on day 6 of the slim down. Finally feeling great and the intense craving symptoms are easing up.

Kelly Y
Slim Down

Internally Better

I’ve completed week one of the slim down and I can’t say enough positive things. I know a lot of people focus on the losing weight aspect but I’ve experienced so many positives besides just losing weight. My joints are not hurting, the pressure in my sinuses has decreased, neck pain is so much more manageable, and my stomach issues are getting better.

Jill K
Slim Down

Love this Plan!

10 lbs down today since I lost my initial baby weight loss (like once the baby was out, placenta all gone, I settled into about 190… I’m 180 this morning since starting the anti inflammatory diet last week). My biggest WIN is this is super TMI but I’m not sick to my stomach constantly… I was having tons of bathroom urgencies all day and it was so humiliating and that’s officially been gone for 3 days now!

Grace S
Mom of 4
Mental Health
Ab Rehab

Cant thank you enough!

I also wanted to say thank you for everything that you’ve done- we are finally sleeping. You guys have been awesome and helpful. Everyone has done great. The mental health, the ab rehab, all of that. I have never felt better. So I appreciate your help…. want to say thank you for everything and will reach out if something is not working but hoping for the best and moving forward to meet the goals for my family. So thank you for everything! 

Taylor P
Fam of 4

Blended Fam

Loving all of your videos! We have a blended family of 4, the youngest being “ours together” we have been married for 7 years but still struggle as a family with cohesiveness… not taking sides at times and certain members feeling picked on, not understood, etc. We have tried family meetings in the past intermittently… but watching your post gives me hope and newfound excitement to give this a try again with your ideas. Love the working weekly agenda everyone can work on!

Anna B
Mental Health

Feeling better

I also wanted to let you I have been starting to feel better. At first when I started the app I was super overwhelmed and couldn’t even think of starting the ab rehab and work on my mental health. But I started my Ab rehab and am on my third day. It feels great to take some time out of the day to focus on me. I can’t thank you enough for all the help and getting back to me daily.

Lucy P
For Me
Slim Down

So much food!

Four pounds down today. I told my husband I thought our scale was broken! Lol. I’m not starving there’s so much food, but the best part is my jeans are falling down and I’m going to have to dig out the old favorites I’ve been saving. I can do this!

Riley L
Fit Mama
Slim Down


It seems crazy that I finished 4 weeks of this “diet”. I followed it very, very loosely. I mostly just made dinners and had the leftovers for lunch. Breakfast I either made a smoothie or eggs/chicken sausage. I didn’t have many snacks, but if I did they were something I’d seen in the plan like hummus and veggies or I airfried some green beans. Following the plan exactly was too overwhelming, but I was happy to take some of the thinking out of making dinners each night. To be 100% honest, I did not enjoy a lot of the recipes. We usually use a lot of sauces in our cooking, so a lot of stuff just felt dry. We also prefer some less lean meat from time to time (ex. Chicken thighs vs. chicken breast). I’m hopeful to start playing around with the diet and add back some additional proteins. My plan for now is to try and remain gluten and dairy free at home, and then give myself a little slack when I’m out at an event. I’M DOWN 14.4 POUNDS! I’m slowly getting through ab rehab as well, but feel like all scale progress is due to the diet. Thank you for reminding me of what healthy eating looks like - after 3 back to back pregnancies I had forgotten and even my healthy meals were not great for me. I’m hoping to have one more pregnancy once my body gets back into fighting shape, and this diet truly helped me feel better. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Krista L
Member since 2020
Ab Rehab

LIFE CHANGING - my light

I just want to say a huge thanks to this amazing app team. I’ve just completed Ab Rehab for the second time, after finishing it on the original website after my first baby in late 2020. Ab Rehab really changed my life the first time and I’m so thrilled I stuck to it this time - even though it was so so hard and took so much longer. What’s more, I want to thank Coach Gracey and the SLEEP team for quite literally saving me, my husband, my babies and my mental health at a time when I was falling apart for multiple reasons. You were the light, mentors and supporters we needed to get our now 6m old on track - we looked for help when she was 3m. Our lives are transformed. We feel confident to go forward now the way we did with our first baby. But if we ever needed support again I wouldn’t hesitate to come back to this app. From the bottom of our hearts, especially mine, thank you


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