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Cami S
Mom of 4
Ab Rehab

No more leaking, No back pain, so many benefits!

For anyone wondering if this will work…IT WILL! I was so hesitant, but decided I was worth it to at least give it a try for only $20…I just had baby number 4 about 5 months ago & my DR is almost completely closed after just one month…ONE MONTH of commitment & I’m so thrilled! Not to mention - no more leaking, No back pain, so many benefits! Can’t wait to see more! YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT!

Libby B
Slim Down
Ab Rehab

2 inches in 2 days!

Really happy to report that I noticed this morning I felt & looked less fluffy (probably less inflammation & bloating) so I measured my waist at the same spot over my belly button & I went down a little more than a full inch! Went from 43 inches to 41 3/4inches in 2 days of changing how I eat & simultaneously doing the Nov 30 ab rehab challenge with my Nov 30 slim down challenge!

Nina M
Slim Down


Got on the scale this morning and I am down 7lbs! I realized that's a lot in a week and it's probably mostly water weight but it was still exciting to see!

Hillary J
Slim Down


Day 5 and I can't believe this "witchery" lol. The first time I did the Slim Down I had amazing results as well, this was well over a year ago. My starting weight 6 days ago was 149 (one weight was 150) but i went down with 149.I'm 144.3 GOODBYE INFLAMMATION!!

Chloe I
Ab Rehab

Mom pooch no more!

Started this program 8 years after having my last kiddo. I have never loved a program as much as this one. I’ve seen so much improvement in not only how my mom pooch looks but my posture and overall feeling better.

Sam G
Ab Rehab

Love these exercises!

I just need to tell someone!  Doing that pelvic floor release for my hypertension literally changed the rest of my workout. I did those exercises first and I had wayyyyy less urgency after just doing those moves one time. I also did the back extension breathing before and I think I need to do that every time for awhile!!! I'm am so blown away by how this works!

Bri N
Mom of 2
Ab Rehab
Slim Down

I love the BREC App

Knowing I have a community available, especially at such an affordable cost, makes a world of difference for me. My family & friends may be happy for me if I see improvements but they just aren't the same level of enthusiasm & interest invested into my journey the way the NAF and BREC team are, & that means a lot to me to have you in my life

Kara B
Boy Mom

Missed My Son

My son has been doing really well with his behavior ever since we started sleep training. …. But now that he's getting a couple hours, a few hours every day of one on one time…And I'm thankful for this sleep training journey because I have missed my son. I have missed him so much.

Sara L
Slim Down

No More IBS, More Energy, Great Mood, Libido has Improved

I’m on my last week of the Sliim Down and it is incredible how good I feel!

-No more IBS
-No more stomach cramping and bloating

-Labido is improved
-Period is improved
-Mood is improved

-ENERGY is high! And during a season of life that I should be drained and exhausted in.

-All my clothes fit loose and I fit in my “hot girl” bikini again

To those in it or starting, DO IT, ITS WORTH IT!!

Jill P
Mom of 3
Ab Rehab

No more leaking, cramps or back pain!

Almost 3 weeks in the program and I just have to share how much I LOVE it! I can literally SEE the difference and I just feel soooo much better. The other day I slipped and fell on ice, but I didn't gush out leakage or get severely hurt, I can FEEL my low TVAs when they were literally NON existent before. My back pain is dissolving. The most exciting part, today is the first day of my period.... I HAVENT HAD ANY CRAMPS AND MY DIVA CUP IS IN PLACE WITHOUT PAIN, PRESSURE, OR PUSHING OUT.

Zoe L
Ab Rehab


I am so excited about how far I have come, even six years after having my last baby. Your program is legitimate and I’ll always be grateful that I got some abs back… me back really and am not stopping here. My future dating life thanks you - they won’t believe I’m a 40 year old single mom with six humans. Got my abs back! 

Lucia P
GF DF for Life
Slim Down

Easy to Follow

Just want to say I am super happy with how I have been feeling each day! I have already been GF DF for years so the plan has been simple, and having new meal ideas is fun. I love whole food and getting really creative with meals but I equally love not having to think about what I will eat next, it’s been a nice little brain break to just follow the challenge! Also love reading everyone’s comments! Thank you for the commitment guys!


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