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Our mission at the Birth Recovery Center is to change the standard of care for postnatal women and provide the postpartum experts and tools needed worldwide, starting at one low, affordable, monthly price.
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Group Coaching Membership

See the all the additional benefits included in the group coaching access.
Program Access
Ab Rehab - A rehab program to heal posture, core, pelvic floor dysfunction & diastasis recti postpartum
Nutrition - 30 Day Slim Down: An anti-inflammatory meal plan designed to optimize hormones, gut health, metabolism while leaning you out
Ab Rehab Plus - New monthly following along advanced routines for Ab Rehab graduates who are looking to continue optimizing posture, core & pelvic floor post Ab Rehab
Bod Squad - Monthly strength programs geared towards full body function, strength and aesthetics!
Mental Health - Psychoeducation and coping tools to support your mental wellbeing in all stages of motherhood
Sleep Shaping & Training - 0mo-4yo science based sleep education, expectations, tools and methods to align with your parenting style
Parenting - Understand your child’s behaviors and learn effective strategies so you feel empowered in all stages of parenting
Lactation - Education, solutions, techniques, and troubleshooting that align with YOUR feeding goals
Ab Rehab Challenge - Every two weeks we kick off a brand new Ab Rehab Challenge!
30 Day Slim Down Challenge - Every month we kick off our Slim Down nutrition challenge!
Milk Buds - Community support for you and your little one in your feeding journey
Support Squad - Your community of support and experts to help you feel empowered in motherhood
Sleep Camp - Your community of support to tackle night wakings, naps, co-sleeping/contact sleeping, early morning wakings, and more!
Added Benefits
Supplements - Access our premium supplements at our discounted member rate to help you reach optimal health & personalized goals
Lab Testing - Access to our quick, easy-to-read, at home lab testing at our discounted member rate
Ask A Coach - Upgrade in your app to access to ALL interactive custom assessments and receive private custom video messages to troubleshoot and tailor the program to your specific needs postpartum
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