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Shelf or Apron

Scar tissue is much denser tissue that adheres to muscle, organs and other tissues in the area. This will lead to a shelf or apron affect.

Scar Sensitivity or Numbness

The nervous system is cut and disrupted during surgery. This causes numbness, tingling, sensitivities to the area. By bringing blood flow to the are we can reduce and even eliminate these sensations.

Painful Intercourse

Scar tissue is a common, and many times unrealized, cause of painful intercourse. Because these tissues run chaotically and are extra tight they create a painful sensation when pressed upon.

Lower Belly Pooch

The lengthening of the lower abdominal system due to this system being cut will make it much harder to connect to as well as lead to muscle imbalances.  To change your lower belly aesthetically we must address all factors affection your core.


Your lymph system is cut and disrupted during a c-section. Puffiness will occur when this system is not flushing properly. Lymphatic drainage is key to bringing this system back to optimal function.

Back Pain

When the lower abdominal system is cut these muscles will tend to be more offline. This causes paraspinals, or back muscles, to compensate. Overworking back muscles will lead to back pain.

Nancy Anderson, Founder and Mom of 3

How can I personalize
Ab Rehab as a C-section Mom? Great question!


Guided Self Assessments

You’ll be guided through self assessments where you’ll learn more about your body’s needs and how to customize your Ab Rehab. By assessing your posture, breathing recruitment patterns, progress, and more we can help you heal post c-section and get the most out of your program.

C-Section Recovery Protocols

As a C-section Mom, you’ll incorporate our specialized c-section protocols into Ab Rehab. We teach you easy follow along techniques to heal and address the aesthetics of your scar for optimal function and minimize the appearance. You’ll also work on reducing inflammation through lymphatic drainage techniques and strengthen your core through our comprehensive core and pelvic floor program.

Continuous Support

In The Village, our in-app community, and through Live Q&As we have created a safe space for you to connect with our expert Ab Rehab Coaches. Have questions about your Ab Rehab and C-section journey or need advice on your progress? Our knowledgeable coaches are there to offer personalized feedback, coaching, and support.

How do these coaches create my custom plan?

The Ab Rehab Experience!

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Read on to learn just HOW we’ll optimize your C-Section healing experience.
Do you offer specific c-section healing protocols?

Yes! Ab Rehab includes all of our c-section recovery protocols including scar tissue techniques, DPT guided lymphatic drainage, specialized breathing techniques and more!

What’s different about healing from a c-section?

During a c-section many systems, including your lymph, muscular, reproductive, nervous system, are cut and disrupted. Post c-section it’s important to rebuild your mind to muscle connection, strength, function and mobility in these areas.

Why do I get a shelf above or below my scar?

Scar tissue is our body’s way of healing and protecting when trauma occurs in an area. This tissue is much firmer and runs in a chaotic pattern. Scar tissue will cause adhesions which stick to deeper layers leading to a pooch or shelf affect.

Will my scar ever flatten?

It can! Everybody’s body and journey is different. It’s important to look at what your body needs. With consistency in our techniques you can get there!

Can I change my scar “xyz” years later?

Yes! It’s never too late to bring mobility to your scar tissue and strength to your deep core. Whether you’re 1 or 40+ years you can always address your scar.

What’s Included in Your Subscription?

You’ll have access to expert coaches and programs for all the crucial aspects of motherhood, including:
  • Ab & Pelvic Floor Rehab
  • C-Section Recovery Protocols
  • 30 Day Slim Down Nutrition Program
  • Ab Rehab Plus+ (Advanced) 
  • Bod Squad Monthly Workout Program
  • At Home Lab Testing Kits at a Member Rate
  • Supplement Store
  • Sleep Training (0-48 Months)
  • Post pregnancy & Maternal Mental Health Support
  • Lactation Support
  • 10 Day Detox
  • Easy Eats Lifestyle Recipes