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Mercedes P
Bod Squad

Love all these programs!

Doing your Bod Squad workouts and also doing the slim down. Nice to have someone who actually knows what they're talking about and who's plan actually works! Love all these programs!

Amanda S
Bod Squad

I have never seen this much progression

This is my second month doing Bod Squad and I have never seen this much progression. It's encouraging to see how much more weight I can lift or how many more reps I can do by week 4 compared to week 1

Trish L
Bod Squad

I can’t believe the difference

I finished the Ab rehab program and switched to Bod Squad and wow. I can’t believe the difference and I only do 2 to 3 a week.

Diana J
Ab Rehab

Zero lower back pain, zero pain during and after s3x, a higher s3x drive, and THE. BEST. O's!

I started your Ab Rehab 6-8 weeks PP (2x c-section mama 2+ years ago!) Today, I have zero lower back pain, zero pain during and after s3x, a higher s3x drive and THE. BEST. O's!!! The basic principles have stuck with me as I’ve progressed in my training. Thank you for your Ab Rehab program, it has truly changed my life!

Claire M
Trying to Conceive
Slim Down

Finally Pregnant!

I did your 30 day slim down and got pregnant after not being able to get pregnant for 6 years! Not sure if it was the hormone reset or what! Thank you Nancy!

Tia N
Slim Down

20 lbs down

I can honestly say this plan changed my life. I did the 30 day slim down years ago and liked the food and the way it made me feel so much I continued eating this way moving forward. I’ve lost over 20lbs and have mostly kept it off. I’m back at it this month for a quick reset.️

Vicky P
Member Since 2020
Slim Down

Slim Down is Forever!

I did the slim down two years ago and never went back! Still following the protocols. Making my own meals.  I’ve never been leaner.

Amanda L
x2 Mama
Ab Rehab

I love the BREC App!

No question just wanted to say your app is great. I did ab rehab with my first and getting geared up to do it again after a second c-section. The slim down is hella easy to access also compared to the old days.   thanks for being here!

Megan L
Girl Mom
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No Back Pain

I’m 10 days in and can feel a difference!!! Minimal to no low back pain! I cant believe it! so excited to see where I’m at in a few more weeks

Lexie S
Not A Mom
Ab Rehab
Mental Health

Helping my Motivation!

Depression and a bad cold took me out for a few weeks, I'm finally on the tail end of the cold it feels like and I'm pushing through my depression with baby steps of consistency, your app helps me so much with the consistency because I don't have to carry the mental load of remembering what to do on what day, epic win in my book of depression help!!

Nancy B
8 Weeks PP

Sleep Shaping is the BEST!

Highly recommend jumping on the sleep shaping (0-3) prior to the sleep coaching (4m - +)! Having the support of a professional helps no matter what your baby is doing… in my opinion. But the sleep shaping helps lay down the foundation for a successfully sleep trained baby. Everything is changing from 0-3 months so having a sleep coach there to answer any questions and guide you through that early stage is worth it!!!

… Yes. I have a big boy who was waking every 2-3 hrs through the night for diaper changes and feedings and now he’s only waking once for a feeding with no diaper change. He is almost 8 weeks.

…And this time frame is from 7:30pm - 7:30am

Jordan M
Mama of 1
Mental Health

Mentally Feeling Better

I just want to say thank you, to you and this group as a whole for actually addressing the mental health component to health and fitness, especially as moms. I also appreciate how you touched on birth trauma and how that can relate as well. I have a very traumatic birth story and am still working through it. I'm hoping this program is a step in that direction.

Kaylee C
Healthy Mama
Slim Down

Slim Down is a MUST

I love this program. I no longer crave sugar, diary and fizzy drinks every second of the day. Im not bloated like before and haven’t had any big digestive /ibs issues since starting the program. And I feel good, like I’m healing my body. Biggest wins for me. Cherry on top: I’ve lost around 5 kgs (11lbs) in 3 weeks.

Taylor H
Mom of 3
Slim Down

Down 7 Lbs!

Woke up today feeling my winter jacket less tight then usual. Jumped on scale and I’m down 7lbs. I’m sure mostly water weight but I’ll take it! Loving the changes I am seeing so far and I’m not yet a week in. Just a little encouragement for you ladies to stick to it!!

Juliette C
Ab Rehab

Confidence is BACK!

Nancy you have no idea how much your program CHANGED MY LIFE. I’ve been working with coach lindsay on my prolapse. I went from using a pessary all day everyday with I first started the program to now I only use it for hiking, running and a day at Disneyland.I’ve literally spent over 12k in PT and your program got me to the next level and off the pessary.On top of that, my body looks better, moves better, feels better and I actually have enough confidence to do all the fun things I want to do with my daughter and I feel sexy again and unbroken. Your program fixed my body, my mental health, my sex life and I feel like me again. I’m so grateful for the work that you do for us mamas. Thank you times a million.

Jill N
Boy Mom

Back on Sleeping Track!!

Our son was a phenomenal sleeper since he was 7 weeks old from taking great naps to being able to fall asleep on his own. But once he started crawling out of his crib at 18 months old it all fell apart. He wasn’t sleeping through the night and getting him to go to sleep was a battle! Personally this was worse then sleep training a newborn. Now this tiny human has opinions and a voice! We fell into some bad habits of inconsistency, a late bedtime, and unable to sleep through the night. After 6 months of this I was desperate for uninterrupted sleep! I decided to look into birth recovery sleep coaches. Once we started follow the daily schedule and bed time routine it was like we got our great sleeper back. Just these 2 simple things made a massive difference! Gracie gave use some amazing tools and strategies that helped us communicate with our toddler better too. I was excepting for this to take several weeks but was surprised after a couple days our son was catching on.It’s never too late to make changes and if you been hesitant to reach out for help don’t be! I promise you it worth the time and effort.

Cici L
x2 C Section Mama
Ab Rehab

Total Body Healing

I'm 44, when I was 30 I gave myself a severe ankle sprain while running. All 3 ligaments, it was terrible, walking boot for 6 months and PT forever looking back not happy with treatment but que Sera sera). Anyhow, ever since I have not been able to really drop weight into that left foot especially in the inside of my heel. It has given me problems up the chain...I say all that to say that I am so freaking happy right now because after working with the coaches and fine tuning my posture along with being consistent w my workouts, not only is my lower stomach the flattest it has been since my 2nd section, but I today just got our of the car and for the first time in over 10 years I am actually putting equal weight on my feet and can feel my heel! May sound like not such a big deal but it really is, my whole leg feels different, and I just feel more inside my body. Thank you thank you. So pumped.

Farrah A
Ab Rehab

Finally Found a Solution!!

I’m definitely here to say, do it, its WORTH it!! It has been the most healing thing I’ve ever done for my body, after 2 c sections[6 yrs PP], vigorous workouts with little results and pain[I had a personal trainer], diets and juicing, went through 4 different ob gyns and 2 family drs, I was going to give up and this program and a pelvic floor specialist have literally changed my life! Slowly closing the gap on diastisis, reversing my prolapse, and feel SO much better everyday!

Cami S
Mom of 4
Ab Rehab

No more leaking, No back pain, so many benefits!

For anyone wondering if this will work…IT WILL! I was so hesitant, but decided I was worth it to at least give it a try for only $20…I just had baby number 4 about 5 months ago & my DR is almost completely closed after just one month…ONE MONTH of commitment & I’m so thrilled! Not to mention - no more leaking, No back pain, so many benefits! Can’t wait to see more! YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT!

Libby B
Slim Down
Ab Rehab

2 inches in 2 days!

Really happy to report that I noticed this morning I felt & looked less fluffy (probably less inflammation & bloating) so I measured my waist at the same spot over my belly button & I went down a little more than a full inch! Went from 43 inches to 41 3/4inches in 2 days of changing how I eat & simultaneously doing the Nov 30 ab rehab challenge with my Nov 30 slim down challenge!

Nina M
Slim Down


Got on the scale this morning and I am down 7lbs! I realized that's a lot in a week and it's probably mostly water weight but it was still exciting to see!

Hillary J
Slim Down


Day 5 and I can't believe this "witchery" lol. The first time I did the Slim Down I had amazing results as well, this was well over a year ago. My starting weight 6 days ago was 149 (one weight was 150) but i went down with 149.I'm 144.3 GOODBYE INFLAMMATION!!

Chloe I
Ab Rehab

Mom pooch no more!

Started this program 8 years after having my last kiddo. I have never loved a program as much as this one. I’ve seen so much improvement in not only how my mom pooch looks but my posture and overall feeling better.

Sam G
Ab Rehab

Love these exercises!

I just need to tell someone!  Doing that pelvic floor release for my hypertension literally changed the rest of my workout. I did those exercises first and I had wayyyyy less urgency after just doing those moves one time. I also did the back extension breathing before and I think I need to do that every time for awhile!!! I'm am so blown away by how this works!


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