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With the click of a button, you can access our all sleeping resources to confidently guide you through the first four years of your child’s sleep training journey.

Our team of on-demand certified Sleep Training Experts crafts a custom plan fit to your family’s unique needs and preferences with easy to implement schedules and routines for every age group 0-4 years.

A Peek Inside Our Courses...

Sleep Shaping (0-3 M)

During these precious first few months, we’ll lay the foundation for healthy sleep habits as you and your baby bond in the “4th trimester.”
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Sleep Training (4 M- 4 Y)

No matter your needs, preferences, or lifestyle, you’ll find your perfectly effective custom sleep solution for your family.
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Certified Expert Coaches
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Video Coaching & consultations
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Money-saving solutions
Nancy Anderson, Founder and Mom of 2

Our Private Coaching Method


The 1:1 Call

In order to craft your custom plan, we’ll guide you through our Best Sleep Method Assessment. During this interactive assessment, you’re guided by our lead Sleep Coach to help determine what method is best for you and your child. After reviewing your results, our sleep experts will reach out with more details on your custom plan. You can also schedule a private 1:1 call with our coaches right in the app!

Customized Plan

Once we have the 411, your certified Sleep Training Expert will lovingly craft a plan that is right for YOUR family’s unique sleep needs. Our team of coaches is determined to check all of your boxes so you have a plan that empowers you and your family.

Continuous Support

We know how crazy life can get, so you’ll have access to our team of experts 24/7 for any questions or changes in your journey. Our support grows with you as your child transitions into new milestones, regressions, nap schedules and even navigating through sleep space transitions. You’re never on this journey alone!

We offer solutions for…

We’ll lay the foundation for healthy sleep habits as you and your baby bond in the “4th trimester.”
Night Feeding Preference:
Our goal is to meet your child's needs throughout the day so we can set them up for success all night. Work with our experts to develop age-appropriate feeding patterns to allow for restorative sleep.
Toddlers (Up to 4 Years):
No matter your needs, preferences, or lifestyle, you’ll find your perfect custom sleep solution for your family.
Uncommon Schedules:
No matter your lifestyle, our coaches will find a way to offer your child the consistency they need to sleep restfully.
Seasoned Vets:
Even if you’ve already conquered sleep training in the past, our expert coaches can help improve on your routine or navigate any hiccups you have with your child's sleep, providing continuous optimal restorative sleep for your child.
If you’ve tried and tried to find a realistic sleep schedule for your family, look no further. You can share your roadblocks with our expert coaches to find your perfect solution.
Alternative Parenting Styles:
Our team is committed to honoring all families’ unique styles and preferences. No matter how you parent, you’re welcomed with open arms.
No Cry-It-Out:
We offer effective solutions for mamas who don’t wish to pursue the cry-it-out method.

How it Works


Choose Your Course:

Once you’re inside our app, you’ll be able to choose either our Sleep Shaping or Sleep Training course, which are expertly designed to honor your child’s developmental milestones. You’ll have unlimited access to all course material so you’re supported every step of the way.


Create a Custom Plan:

In order to craft your custom plan, our coaches guide you through our Best Sleep Method Assessment. This interactive assessment helps determine the best method for you and your family. After reviewing your results, our sleep experts will reach out with more details on your unique plan. You can also schedule a private 1:1 call with our coaches right in the app!


Unlimited Resources:

You’ll have unlimited access to all of our sleep training content, including printable schedules and milestones to keep you on track! Inside the membership we also offer easy-to-follow video lessons, and of course, unlimited access to our coaches 24/7.

But that’s not all…

By joining our Sleep Training Courses, you’ll be granted access to the entire Birth Recovery Center membership which includes resources and coaching for Core & Pelvic Floor Healing, Mental Health Support, Lactation Support, and Labor & Birth Preparation.

We’re committed to supporting our moms in all areas of their motherhood journey and we can’t wait for the privilege of joining yours.

Love From Our Community

Within 1 month - we went from our 20 pound baby sleeping 15-20 minutes, to every night laying her in the crib, waiting for her to nod off, on schedule, with no overnight feeding. I never thought I'd sleep train - only 1 child, thinking it was harmful, mom guilt, too tired to think, rocking wasn't so bad... I am a believer in sleep training. After 4 nights, Gracey successfully helped us put our baby girl down - NO crying to sleep, a fix schedule that workout for US and she was so supportive. I can see a difference in my daughter after after she wakes up from a full night sleep in the morning. She's is happier and so are we! 
Alyssa C.
A believer
My husband kept asking "Are you sure this is only $50 a month?" I literally looked at the sales page again and again. The MASSIVE value for a low cost is unbelievable. The coaches care SO much and the schedules fit into what YOU want. You can go right to the "ask A Coach" section and tell Gracey where you are at with everything. She will ask all the right questions and get you set up for success. Thank you - the quality of sleep is literally life changing. Your experience and knowledge can take decades to learn has helped us in just 4 weeks get our life back! THANK YOU! 
Lizzy T.
x3 Mom
We have a 3 year old, who couldn't fall asleep on his own for his whole life. He always had to be rocked or nursed to sleep. He always fought sleep, going so far to hitting himself to stay awake. When I found Gracey, we finally transition him into his own room, but my husband was sleeping on the floor dealing with multiple wake ups... Gracey spent so much time with us and talked with us thru all of our concerns. We really are fixed on gentle parenting. After coming up with a schedule and addressing concerns.. my child for the first time in his life, fell asleep ON HIS OWN last night in 20 minutes. I cried. Before this course we really thought we would never be able to teach him to sleep. Now he can - he did it again tonight.
Rachel B.
So Thankful
A few weeks ago I called my husband in a full panic attack because I had gone days and weeks on end with less than an hour of straight sleep. That day, I reached out to Gracey, who was so understanding and helpful! She helped me schedule my baby's sleep and naps with a few 1:1 sessions. A few weeks later, I WOKE MY baby up today at 7 AM after putting him down at 7 PM last night. Gracey alone makes the sleep course with it. I can now dedicate the time my body deserves for healing. I am also in Ab Rehab too... this is the first time in 4 years i sneeze and dont pee. This program is worth it. 
Grace M. 
Finally Sleeping
Today is 2 weeks since i started sleep training my twins. In two weeks the girls went from needing me to hold them and their naps were about 20 minutes long, to sleeping 11 hours last night. They can also get themselves back to sleep with out my help. I can't thank Coach Gracey enough for her support and plan thru this. Celebrating their birthday today with all the extra sleep we are getting lol. 
Diana L.
Sleep course MUST
The concept of this app is absolutely amazing. I cannot believe the kind of access I have to so many things that are so important in my postpartum journey, Alexa gave me great sleep ideas without being pushy. I felt heard and supported in the way i wanted to train my little girl. I was able to talk freely and not feel shamed. The schedule I received was personalized and worked for us as a family. I love these coaches and this course! I wish i had this access with my first two.
Terry A
Postpartum need

Still have questions? We have answers.

Here’s some of our most commonly asked questions:
Will there be crying involved in this program?

Just like anything in life, there could be a few tears along the way with ANY approach- but our goal is to always to be proactive in limiting the need/opportunity for crying. First and foremost, we aim to always make sure all a child’s needs are met prior to placing them in the crib for sleep.

What is “gentle” for one child is not what is gentle for the next child. This is why our Certified Sleep Coaches are here to guide and support you throughout your journey to better sleep. How we approach establishing healthy sleep habits and reaching your goals for your child’s sleep is unique to you, your child, and your family. That is important to us! Connect with your sleep coaches to find a way to your goals in a way that feels authentic to you!

Will I be on my own to follow the program? or “What if i have questions/concerns/need help implementing?”

With your Birth Recovery Center subscription, you have unlimited access to your coaches. Our Sleep Coaches are Certified Experts in pediatric sleep and are here for you each and every step of the way.

Utilize your coaches as much or as little as you would like. Question, comments, concerns, troubleshooting, and celebrating your wins (we know you’ll meet you goals, and THAT is something to celebrate!). Our coaches are here for it ALL!

Have a question at 3:34am that you’re afraid of forgetting by morning? No stress- just submit you question via video, audio, or text using our “Ask A Coach” feature. Looking for a solid action plan of exactly how to tackle your child’s sleep individual struggles? Book a One-on-One video consult with your coaches.We are the experts on sleep, you’re the expert on your child. Together we’ll meet your goals for healthy sleep.

What is the success rate of using these sleep protocols?

Every child is different. Success times can vary based on your child’s sleep struggles, their age and temperament, what method we use, health issues, what you have set at your goals, etc.Consistency will always be the key to success when it comes to healthy sleep habits. Our team is committed to seeing you through to your goals at a rate and pace you that’s manageable for you. We take a holistic approach to assure that we are meeting your child’s needs and not just implementing a training method and expecting overnight success.

Who is this program for?

YOU! If you’re looking to establish healthy sleep habits for your child 0-48 months, this program is made for you. We lay the foundations, science, age appropriate averages and expectations in the course(s), AND coach you through individually. You are not alone- our sleep experts are here for you.

We help clients daily through: day/night confusion, short naps, bedtime difficulties, multiple night wakings, lack of independence in sleep (feeding, rocking, bouncing, etc. to sleep), contact naps and co-sleeping, weaning from over night feedings, transition from bassinet to crib, transition from crib to toddler bed, sleep regressions, dropping naps, and more.