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With the click of a button, you’ll unlock access to a wealth of mental health education plus professional and community support. Our team of Mental Health Coaches are ready to guide you through all the twists and turns of your motherhood journey and improve your emotional health and mindset along the way.

How it Works


Holistic Content

We strive to offer holistic mental health support to provide our moms the tools to not just survive, but absolutely thrive. You’ll find content that addresses common maternal mental health concerns, as well as tools to cultivate mindfulness and practice self-care.


Community Support

You’ll be lovingly embraced by a community of mothers who relate to your experiences and lift you up without shame or judgment.


Ask A Coach

Upgrade to our Coaching Subscription in your app to send private video messages with our Mental Health Coaches, who crafts a custom plan for you using our interactive assessments. You have the ability to send messages anytime time with your coach right in the app for additional support

We offer support around:

Postpartum Anxiety:
After childbirth mothers may experience chronic worry, intrusive thoughts, stress and overwhelm, especially about their baby.
Birth trauma:
Birth trauma refers to an event that occurs during labor and birth process that can involve actual or threatened serious injury or death to the mother and baby.
Postpartum Depression:
Studies show 20% of women develop postpartum depression following their delivery. This may lead to trouble sleeping, irritability, trouble concentrating, weepiness, guilt, and more.
Postpartum rage:
Some mothers experience extreme anger, emotional volatility, and even thoughts or actions of violence after delivery that can stem from a variety of sources.
Mom guilt:
Societal expectations can leave moms feeling like they need to do it all. This unrealistic standard of perfection creates an unhealthy cycle of disappointment as you constantly strive to do more, fail to meet your expectations, feel bad about yourself, and then try again.
Identity changes:
Your body will undergo many changes postpartum, and as a result, many mothers feel disconnected from their bodies postpartum. Additionally, some mothers feel a loss of their sense of self as they take on the new label of “mother.”
Relationship issues:
Many mothers will experience changes in the relationship with their partner after delivery. Feelings of fatigue, overwhelm, frustration, and resentment can build even as you both lovingly parent your new baby.
There are so many moving parts in a mother’s life- home, children, relationships, work, and more. Sometimes, the parts can all feel “too much” if we haven’t built proper boundaries to support our energy.

Your membership includes:

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Nancy Anderson, Founder and Mom of 2

Coaching Options to Fit Your Needs


Live Events

Attend weekly live Q&As with our expert coaches. Live events occur inside your app for easy access so we can navigate the most common perinatal mental health challenges, tools you need to thrive, and get your questions answered live!

Ask A Coach

Add on custom coaching to our access our Maternal Mental Health Assessments, as well as customized support and solutions that fit you and your family’s needs.

Book A Coach

Schedule a private session with our Mental Health Coaches to navigate all your challenges. We are here to ensure you have the tools and support to feel empowered through Motherhood! You’re never on this journey alone!

Love From Our Community

Loved by tens of thousands of women. Don't take it from us, take it from our community!
The video responses and the 1:1 private coaching made me feel so safe. I was just crying listening to them again and again because I finally felt understood. I was so scared to send my first messages to these coaches because other programs didnt work in the past. I finally feel safe and heard. Thank you Nancy and Katie!
Robin T.
Boy Mom
I have struggled with intrusive thoughts for a long time and they seemed to be getting worse. I finally had my first 1:1 session with Katie and I now feel like i have the tools to cope with them when they come. I am so blessed to find Katie and this course.
Gianna B.
After talking with Katie, I do feel like I am on the right track as far as what I am feeling. Today I finally talked to my husband about how I was feeling. The modules are so informational and easy to access. Thank you for responding so fast - this has saved me. I dont know what i would do without this whole package. From sleep shaping to mental health, to workouts for postpartum moms. I am crying happy tears.
Ellie F.
I feel seen
Postpartum anxiety is something i struggle with and bouts of rage in the moment. I thought this program was pre-recorded questions and answers... When i realized I actually got to talk to Katie as much or as little as i needed i knew this program was different. She has given me personal tools to help cope and be more aware in the moment of everything I am feeling. I felt so supported and its only been 2 weeks.
Briana B
Postpartum anxiety
Katie reminded me that my mental health is most important and i dont have to do anything i am not ready for. Katie has helped my let go some of the guilt i was feeling. The mental health program has changed my entire life. I have the biggest mom guilt and this has helped me let some of it go. Its given me more time for my mental and physical health, more time to spend with my husband in the evenings and I wake up with energy to love and care for my family.
Patty S.
Thank you BREC
Motherhood is beautiful, terrifying, infuriating and joyous.. but sometimes so hard. From the moment i signed up for the mental health course, Katie brought me the feeling of peace to my world. For the first time, I felt seen.... not pitied. Heard, but not a nuisance, I've brought 4 beautiful girls into this world over the past 5 1/2 years and there is still so much that i have to mentally sort through. I know that with Katies help and this amazing community I will walk away 1. not alone 2. feeling more confident as a mother, wife and a women in this world. No excuses, just grace.
Mandy M.
x4 Girls 

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 Who is this for?

If you're looking to improve your quality of life, our coaching could be right for you. Whether or not you have a mental health diagnosis, there is so much to be gained from coaching and community support. Whenever there is anything that interferes with your happiness you deserve support in finding the right tools to cope.

 I can't handle doing a programs right now, is there any other way to get mental health support?

Absolutely! We understand your time is limited. You can schedule a session with our mental health coaches using the “Book A Coach” feature to ask questions and get support around your specific need.

 Is this program just for first time moms or moms with newborns?

No! This program is for ALL moms because motherhood presents unique challenges in every stage. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, perfectionism, loneliness, identity, relationship challenges or something else, you deserve support in every phase of motherhood. We’re here for you no matter where you are in your journey.

How is mental health coaching different than therapy?

Our mental health coaches are trained in maternal mental health and are here to support all moms in their wellness journey. If a mother is experiencing symptoms of a Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder we will work with that mom to help her find the most appropriate resources in her area for further evaluation and care. For those moms suffering from mental illness, this course can be a wonderful supplement to work you are doing with other care providers so you feel supported, connected, and have access to more coping tools to aide in your healing.

I know I need help with my mental wellbeing but I don’t even know where to start!

Not to worry, mama! We have you covered. Our mental health coaches will work with you to identify what areas of your life you need support. Through your interactive assessment, they’ll craft a game plan for optimizing your mental health and quality of life.

But that’s not all…

By joining our Mental Health Courses, you’ll be granted access to the entire Birth Recovery Center membership which includes resources and coaching for Core & Pelvic Floor Healing, 30 Day Slim Down nutrition, 10 Day Detox, Easy Eats Lifestyle Recipes, Monthly Bod Squad workouts, Ab Rehab Plus +, Mental Health Support & Lactation Support.

We’re committed to supporting our moms in all areas of their motherhood journey and we can’t wait for the privilege of joining yours.